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We are the education arm of a Fintech company which is bringing a unique
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Let experienced commercial lending professional
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About us

Since 1999, the principals of our company have amassed over 100 years combined experience in commercial lending. During that time, they have collectively been involved in over $3 Billion of loans from across the country. Their resumes and strategic partnerships include relationships with top companies like...

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BrokeredIn is a revolutionary software cloud-based platform that at it’s core provides in real-time, access to the capital markets in three different industries, with speed, intelligence, accuracy, powerful analytics, underwriting, processing modules and world-class execution capabilities, all in one fully integrated solution, therefore disrupting the financial status quote particularly in the commercial mortgage industry.

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BrokeredIn Academy, a Commercial Finance School 1

BrokeredIn Academy, a Commercial Finance School

Who is it for:

This program is designed not only for residential Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, CPA’s, attorneys, Mortgage Bankers but also for Entrepreneurs who would like to own their own commercial finance company.

“We are focused on your success” 2

“We are focused on your success”

BrokeredIn Academy

We realize that your success will depend on knowing and/ or having access to a wide variety of knowledge and information that comprise the commercial lending arena. To help you be profitable as soon as possible, we teach not only the fundamentals of lending but also a practical approach to the business which targets the best market opportunities and appropriate lending solutions that create fast revenue generation. To ensure you feel independent, but not alone, we provide access to mentoring and a community of like-minded brokers.

This is a trillion+ dollar market opportunity. 3

This is a trillion+ dollar market opportunity.

BrokeredIn Academy

This is a trillion+ dollar market opportunity that consist in financing varies asset types with different financial instruments provided by a wide variety of capital sources. In the training, you will learn, types of loan programs, types of lenders and how to qualify and submit transactions.

Our objectives are to give you the knowledge and skills required to become a successful Commercial Finance Broker. We will show you the following:

  • The many opportunities in the commercial real estate market place
  • How the industry works
  • The various sources of money available
  • Identify the loan products that provide solutions
  • How to properly analyze and underwrite different loans
  • How to properly structure and present deals to lenders
  • Identifying prospects that need money
  • How to match the prospect’s needs with the lender’s programs
  • The optimal areas to focus your business and how to expand
  • Marketing strategies, tactics and skills for developing leads
  • Sales approaches and strategies

 We provide you with:

An extensive list of active lender’s to connect with

A training guide to use in your course and also as a reference tool

Email templates and call scripts to speed up your lead generations

Access to the industry-leading commercial loan origination software

Membership to a broker mastermind group – continue to learn & grow

Access to Mentorship and one on one coaching

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Getting started with BrokeredIn Academy

We pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date content for our students to learn each course.

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Access to a Powerful, Innovative and Robust Financial Platform.

Designed for professionals who need real-time origination software that includes; capital access, a pricing engine, analytics, underwriting, and pipeline reports.

Instructors are:

The BrokeredIn principals have been involved in the commercial real estate industry for over 25 years as top originators, underwriters, managers and loan funders.

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